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Internship program in USA

Our organization can give you great opportunity of work practice in USA on an internship program.

We offer many options to our candidates. But there are certain terms which must be considered first of all:

  1. Efficiency of work
  2. High ethics standards on place of work and beyond it
  3. Full understanding that you go not just to work, but internship USA program is about obtaining some training in the host company at first hand.
  4. Specific wish to get on internship program in company here, in America.
  5. Readiness to pay the J1 visa fees to our visa sponsors to get DS2019.
  6. Availability to live in the USA for 12 to 18 months: this give you an hourly fee or stipend. Otherwise, if you don't stay for that period of time, availability to live for no paying must be questioned.
  7. If you can go on practice in USA in the next season or a half-year.

We are working closely with sponsor organizations for the J1 USA intern visas as well as we able to connect you with a target place for practice in USA.

Our sponsor signs DS-2019 form, known as Certificate of Eligibility, before you apply for the J1 intern visa. Then our consultants will help you to understand and complete the J1 visa application procedures.

We are connecting link between international candidate and the host company through all the time length of participants' staying in America on the J1 visa. We always care about international visitors, support them with necessary information before and after arrival in America, give useful advises and keep them in view while they are on the program.

We are welcome internship USA participants from all over the world, including Russia, Poland, Belarus, Brazil, Romania and Hungary.